Want to Transition to Teaching Phlebotomy?

If you’re an experienced Phlebotomist, have good teaching skills, eagerly embrace new challenges and thrive in an academic environment, then your talents are in high demand. The Certified Phlebotomy Instructor (CPI) Certification formally recognizes your knowledge in teaching Phlebotomy. It will make you stand out to your employers, schools and peers.

The NPA-CPI is drawing a lot of interest in the Phlebotomy Community, and it’s no wonder. Phlebotomy is a field that is always in need of quality professionals not only in the labs and hospitals but also in academics. Your employer will know that you take teaching the Phlebotomy techniques and procedures seriously.

Our Phlebotomy Instructor Certification Program will allow Certified Professionals to transition into teaching. After our program and field experiences you will be ready to be certified and begin your career in the teaching profession.

For more information on our Continuing Education Program click the link below.

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If you have any additional questions, email our office at Instructor@nationalphlebotomy.org

Certified Phlebotomy Instructor Teaching a Class

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