NPA not only provides quality certification management but we also provide services to Employers of Phlebotomists.We can provide credential management and verification to the Phlebotomists you currently employ.

Our Certified Phlebotomy Professionals worked hard to obtain their certifications. And we make it easy for them to manage their credentials.

We continually provide continuing education and training to assist the phlebotomist with their growth and development.
We know your time is valuable, so we made the certification validation process as easy as possible. You may call our main office at 301-386-4200 to request a verification letter or click the button below to navigate to our online certification verification system.

Verify A Credential
Find the Right Talented Phlebotomist

Do you have multiple Phlebotomist to certify?

Send an email to info@nationalphlebotomy.org with your contact information and the number of professionals and one of our members will reach back out to you.

The certification, training, and advancement of Phlebotomy best practices in the workplace is at the core of what we can offer your employees. These competencies support your organization's objectives and directly contribute to quality customer service. You'll find that by certifying your Phlebotomists with us, your employees will be given the opportunity to deliver greater performance within your company. Services to Phlebotomist include:

  • Phlebotomy Certifications:

    Equips your employees with the essential knowledge, experience, and credentials to effectively perform Phlebotomy.
  • National Phlebotomy Association Membership:

    Delivers value to the thousands of Phlebotomy professionals, members are provided opportunities like professional development (training, CEUs, Conferences) and a connection to a community.
Cultivate lasting education and growth at your organization by working with us today. Start the process by submitting the online form below.

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