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Phlebotomy Certification

Our top tier exam and phlebotomy certification programs allow students to excel in the Allied Health Field of Phlebotomy. From starting as a student, to transitioning to a Phlebotomy Instructor, we are here every step of the way.

Accreditation Service

NPA accreditation provides recognition that the content and quality of a Phlebotomy School's program has been evaluated and meets our national standards. The student, as a consumer, can be assured that appropriate knowledge and skill areas are include in the School's Phlebotomy Program.

Continuing Education

We continually offer new programs and resources to assist our members in managing and maintaining their certification.

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A Few Words About Us

As the founding National Phlebotomy Certification Organization, the National Phlebotomy Association has sought to provided quality services to our members since our inception in 1978 .

Today, we are an intellectual destination that draws inspired medical workers to join with us, keeping us at the nexus of Phlebotomy Certification.


NPA is a great place to start and to grow in your Phlebotomy career. NPA membership signifies that you take your career and professional development serious. It shows that you have dedication to the development of your career as well as quality service to employers, colleagues and customers. It also provides you with access to valuable knowledge, networks and resources.

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Have you been working in the field of Phlebotomy a year or more and want to get certified? Is your employer requiring a phlebotomy certification? Learn how you can quickly get certified under our Reclamation Clause.


We understand in life things happen and you may lapse of your certification. NPA is ready to help you reinstate your certification.

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Timely renewal payment is important and we strive to make that process easy as possible.

We also have a new membership system where you can process your renewal directly from your membership account.
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Our Featured Phlebotomy Programs

These Phlebotomy Certification programs are developed through a rigorous process and uniquely created to provide individuals with National Recognition.

We have one of the best Phlebotomy Certifications Programs in the Nation. We are continuing to add Phlebotomy Certification career paths to our Organization.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is important and we encourage our members to continue to advance their knowledge. We are constantly updating our offering of continuing education to allow our Members to not only grow in Phlebotomy, but assist the entire Phlebotomist Career. Check out our Continuing Education portal regulary to stay in the know.

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